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Why Kabat, McMillan, Mielziner & Sobel?


We get referrals from clients and other law firms because they recognize the excellence in our intellectual ability and talent as attorneys, counselors, negotiators, and litigators.  They appreciate the unique advantages our “small firm” offers them due to our unique combination of teamwork, accessibility and accountability.  Ultimately, they like the results we get for them.


The attorneys of Kabat Mielziner & Sobel have over 130 years combined legal experience.  We invite you to view our attorney profiles to see our educational backgrounds, practical legal and business experiences, legal publications, and professorships —all of which distinguish us from typical small firm practitioners.


You want an advocate—a champion of your interests.  You want a lawyer who is tough and persistent.  Someone who has not only the skills but the heart to stand up for you.


The elements to our success: Diligence, insight, and above all, strategy.

When you hire Kabat, McMillan, Mielziner & Sobel, we start with a strategic assessment of your matter. What are your goals, and what will it take to get you there?  As we bring your matter into focus, your desired results and your cost objectives serve as our guidelines.

We work with you to identify key issues and evaluate potential outcomes.  We describe the range of strategies appropriate for achieving your goals, including negotiation, litigation, and alternatives such as arbitration or mediation.  We discuss with you the costs as well as the advantages of each course of action.

Together, we create a strategic plan that is flexible and dynamic.  That is where a small law firm has a big advantage.  Where circumstances are continually evolving, we are able to make swift judgments and decisive moves to achieve your goals.


Planning is essential to every business—yours and ours.  Unexpected costs can throw any business into a tailspin.  We work hard not only to keep your legal expenses affordable and cost-effective, but to keep them predictable.  It is not impossible, but it does take planning.

Strategic planning in each matter helps us stay focused and on track.  We find there are few surprises when the course is laid out in advance, when we are well organized and work as a team.

Being cost-effective also means keeping overhead low. As a small firm, we do not have the administrative costs and “profit centers” of a large organization. We contract support services as needed, often training our clients’ own personnel to handle the tasks. And we use state-of-the-art technology to save you time and money.

When expert resources are called for, we know where to find them. A network of relationships with hand-picked lawyers, specialty firms, and other professionals lets us call on precisely the people we need, when we need them.


These days, most savvy clients hire lawyers, not law firms. You hire a lawyer for his or her talents and expertise. You work together. You develop a relationship.

At Kabat, McMillan, Mielziner & Sobel, we put thought and energy into every client relationship. That means something unique to every client.

For individuals, that means accessibility, compassion, and accountability.

For smaller and mid-sized companies, it means understanding what you do and how you do it.

We know what it takes to run a business because we do it ourselves.  Like you, we make payrolls and pay rent, shop for office equipment and balance our accounts.  And we know what your business means to you.

For large organizations, it means adapting to your needs and protocols.  We are flexible when it comes to billing, reports, and case management.  We welcome the opportunity to work with in-house counsel and other attorneys as part of your team.

For all our clients, developing a relationship means giving you value beyond the resolution of the matter at hand.  Our goal is to head off future problems, and to leave you better prepared to deal with situations as they arise.


We invite you to talk with us and learn how we may help resolve a particular dispute or help keep you out of future litigation.


Kabat, McMillan, Mielziner & Sobel
Relationships. Respect. Results.

Address: 30195 Chagrin Boulevard, Suite 300
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Why Choose Us?
We value relationships with our clients.

Easy to work with, accessible, and efficient. We are a full-service law firm with over 130 years of experience.

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